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    About Our Booths

    Our booths are the real thing…solid all steel construction, curtains, lights, the works. Not the pvc pipe and drape system that have to be assembled on site. And with their small footprint they can easily fit into a variety of locations.


    The real, arcade style prints come out quick, less than 20 seconds, and you get duplicates, so there is no cutting or deciding what half you want to keep. Guests can choose black and white or color. Unlimited prints all night!


    Booth pricing is dependent upon your needs, your venue, and your event! Please inquire directly to find out more about pricing and availability for your next event!

    What is included in my rental?

    Delivery, set up and removal of the booth, unlimited photos and a super fun time!


    We also include props and a custom screen saver and logo (to go on your photo strips) should you choose to use one!


    After the event you will receive a digital copy of ALL the photobooth strips that get taken in the booth…so those strips that somehow mysteriously don’t make it to your guest book…you still get to see….shhhhhhhh!

    Where can I put the booth?

    The booth takes up about 4 x 5 feet of floor space, and is a bit over 6 feet high. Unfortunately the booth doesn't love stairs (think of it as wheeling around a refrigerator), but we will always do a site visit first to make sure that we can put it where you want it!


    There are no special electrical requirements, only a regular outlet. That being said, the booth is happiest when it has an electrical outlet all his own!


    The booth can go inside or outside, but for the best photo quality it will want to be under and awning or a tent of some kind.

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